Jim Jordan taunts Schiff with new posters during impeachment hearing

Rep. Jim Jordan taunted House Intel Committee Chair Adam Schiff by putting two new posters on display during the impeachment hearing on Tuesday.

In one of the posters, Jordan took a jab at Schiff by featuring his Twitter post dated September 24, in which he promised the whistleblower would be testifying as early as “next week.”

“We have been informed by the whistleblower’s counsel that their client would like to speak to our committee and has requested guidance from the Acting DNI as to how to do so. We‘re in touch with counsel and look forward to the whistleblower’s testimony as soon as this week,” Schiff’s tweet reads.

Schiff has now backed off that promise, vowing that the whistleblower myst be “protected.”

In another poster, Jordan quotes Rep. Jeff Van Drew, who noted the massive amount of money being spent trying to oust President Trump.

The quote reads, “We’ve spent million of dollars, in my opinion, tons of money, tons of time, tons of hurt, fracturing the nation apart. I haven’t seen this to be a good thing.”

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