Jimmy Kimmel Hit With $395,000 Fine For Making Fun Of Trump’s Presidential Alert

Simulated wireless alert tones that Jimmy Kimmel used in his skit to mock Trump’s presidential alert have cost Walt Disney Co’s ABC $385,000 in fines with the U.S. Federal Communications Commission.

According to Reuters, AMC Networks separately agreed to pay a $104,000 fine for using the alert tone in an episode of “The Walking Dead” show. The commission also issued smaller fines to Discovery’s Animal Planet and Meruelo Radio Holdings for other violations.

The use of emergency alert system are barred by FCC rules “to avoid confusion when the tones are used, alert fatigue among listeners, and false activation of the system by the operative data elements contained in the alert tones,” the agency said.

Discovery agreed to pay a $68,000 civil penalty because an episode of Animal Planet’s “Lone Star Law” contained an actual wireless emergency alert tone.

ABC said in a statement it takes “regulatory compliance seriously and we are pleased to have resolved this issue.” In its consent decree with the FCC, it admitted it did broadcast the tones “in the absence of an actual emergency” or authorized test in an Oct. 3, 2018 broadcast.

“Jimmy Kimmel Live” used the simulated wireless emergency alert tone three times during a skit regarding the nationwide presidential wireless emergency alert test.

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