Jimmy Kimmel Jokes About Sarah Sanders Having Fake Orgasms For Valentine’s Day

Late night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel is in hot water after he decided to mash up fake news and orgasms into a joke about Trump’s Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders.

During Wednesday’s broadcast of “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” the liberal host made fake Valentine’s Day cards for several members of the Trump administration.

He first started with one about President Trump, then VP Pence, Attorney General Jeff Sessions, Ben Carson, Sarah Sanders, and Mitch McConnell.

The one that caught everyone’s attention was about Sarah Sanders. For the Press Secretary, he joked that her card would read, “I like my orgasms like I like my news … Fake.”

If you are wondering if this is a real sexual harassment, here’s the definition. “Harassment (typically of a woman) in a workplace, or other professional or social situation, involving the making of unwanted sexual advances or obscene remarks.” So, yes, Jimmy Kimmel’s disgusting joke is a sexual harassment.

Jimmy Kimmel woke-up to a massive backlash on social media.

“So in the middle of #metoo movement @jimmykimmel decides it’s ok to be a sexual bully by trying to embarrass Sarah Sanders, of course Kimmel gets a pass because he’s a Democrats & Sarah is President Trump Press Secretary! Liberal double standard on full display,” tweeted “CS Reno.”

Sarah Sanders is receiving a lot of hate from the Hollywood crowd, and it’s simply disgusting. She definitely doesn’t deserve this.

Let’s all show our support to Sarah Huckabee Sanders and defend her from these so-called celebrities who are vile, vulgar, vicious, and without honor.