John Brennan Dismisses Senate Intel Committee Finding No Collusion

Former CIA Director John Brennan dismissed the report that the Senate Intelligence Committee has found no direct evidence of Trump colluding with Russia.

Speaking with MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace on Tuesday afternoon, Brennan discussed the collusion issue, saying that there was “collusion in plain sight.”

“What the Mueller team is doing is trying to determine whether or not the engagement rises to the level of criminal conspiracy,” he said. “You can collude without violating the law.”

Brennan brought up the Senate Intel report and said he thought they were going to look at “what the Russians actually did” and how the U.S. government actually responded.

Host Nicolle Wallace said the president will undoubtedly tout the committee’s conclusion very soon. The former CIA Director said the Senate Intel Committee doesn’t have “the investigative tools” and other things that Robert Mueller has.

“The special counsel’s team I’m sure has so much more information,” Brennan said. “Everybody should take a step back and breathe and not make any conclusions about whether or not there was a criminal conspiracy… I am confident [Mueller] has had access to a lot more than the Senate or the House Intelligence Committees.”

You can watch the video here, via MSNBC:

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