John Dean Responds To Trump Calling Him A ‘Loser’ And ‘Sleazebag’

Former Nixon White House counsel John Dean said on Monday that he is “honored” to be considered an enemy by President Trump.

Dean, who testified before the House Judiciary Committee on Monday, was asked by CNN’s Anderson Cooper about Trump calling him a “loser for many years” and a “sleazebag attorney.”

“I think he was disbarred and he went to prison. Other than that, he’s doing a great job,” Trump said Monday afternoon.

“Well, I’m honored to be on his enemies list,” Dean responded. “I was able to make Nixon’s at the end, and so I’m pleased that I’m on Trump’s given my feelings about the threat he is to this country.”

Dean, who is a CNN contributor, said he is “deeply troubled by the president we’re living with” and it’s one of the reasons he decided to speak out in recent years.

“One of the reasons that I did what I did back during Watergate was the thought that this will never happen again. And one of the reasons I’ve had a knot in my stomach, one of the reasons I’m on CNN is because I’m deeply troubled by the presidency we’re living with,” he said.

Dean faced heat by House Republicans on the Committee on Monday. Rep. Matt Gaetz grilled Dean for turning Nixon comparisons into a profitable “cottage industry” for himself.

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