John Oliver Torches Melania in Rant on Trump and Greenland

John Oliver took a swipe at First Lady Melania while criticizing Trump’s idea of purchasing Greenland.

While roasting Trump over the idea, Oliver took a swipe at Melania.

Of course he did,” Oliver said of the president’s attempted purchase. “Greenland is icy, distant, and semi-autonomous. It’s exactly Trump’s type.” He then showed a picture of President Trump and Melania on the screen.

Now, speculation on Trump’s comments rose to such a point this week that Greenland’s premier had to issue a statement saying, ‘Greenland is not for sale,’” Oliver continued, “so, if you had 2 1/2 years in your office pool of ‘when a world leader would have to tell Trump you can’t buy our country,’ congratulations, you’re a big winner.

Later on, the HBO host criticized Trump over his response about the Hong Kong protests.

Trump not only barely seems aware of what’s going on there, he also essentially gave China a green light to do whatever they want,” Oliver said.

He then played a clip of Trump breaking down the protests: “Well, something’s probably happening with Hong Kong… because when you look at, you know, what’s going on, they’ve had riots for a long period of time, and I don’t know what China’s attitude is,” Trump said. “Somebody said that at some point they’re going to want to stop that, but that’s between Hong Kong and that’s between China, because Hong Kong is a part of China.

Hong Kong is a part of China. Brilliant stuff.

I will say this: ‘They’re gonna want to stop that’ is exactly the wrong message to send to China right now,” John Oliver argued. “Trump effectively giving China a tacit endorsement to use force against protesters is unfortunately not remotely surprising—he sends the wrong signals to other countries all the time. And until his term ends, we’re all just going to have to live with the fact that we now have a president who looks at America’s allies and says, ‘Go **** yourselves’; looks at Russia’s interference in our election and says, ‘No big deal’; and looks at Greenland and says, ‘Two hundred dollars and Don Jr.—final offer.’

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