Jon McNaughton unveils a new Trump painting – gets attacked immediately

Jon McNaughton, the artist who draws Trump paintings, unveiled a new Trump painting today and was immediately attacked over it.

The new painting, which is titled “The Masterpiece,” features President Donald Trump sitting at an easel and preparing to unveil a painting of his own.

However, Twitter users immediately bashed the artist for this work.

“Such talent wasted on worthless content.” – one person tweeted.

Another person said, “ Except Trump would be smearing the paint on the wall and possibly eating it.

Another person wrote, ” Excellent painting of a terrible, horrible, disgusting human being.

Technically speaking, this painting is so bad, my retinas still hurt. The arch on the left is crooked, the shadows are inconsistent from one object to the next, the details are fuzzy when they should be detailed and detailed when they should be fuzzy. Who pays for that crap? ” – one person tweeted.

Another person tweeted, “ I’ve gotta say… You’re all over the place with your shadowing. I guess light just shines from random places.

Now this is totally uncalled for. All the artist wants to do is to paint Trump and show his support, but it seems that these days you are not allowed to do that.

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