Kathy Griffin Mocks Trump For Not Having An Emmy – Gets Humiliated Instead

Kathy Griffin is trying to get back into the spotlight and, of course, it is through mocking President Trump.

Today she published a tweet in which she mocks Trump for his 2012 tweet about the Emmy awards.

Hey #EmmylessDonald. The Emmys were not horrendous for me! Have I mentioned I have a hit feature film???” – Griffin tweeted.

However, people immediately responded to Griffin’s tweet and it was brutal.

One person tweeted, ” So your life has come to this. Wow.

Another person said, ” Perfect display of desperation for attention

Then another person said the truth, “No one cares. Sad your life is Trump.

Another person wrote, “ If you’d have been relevant to begin with, you wouldn’t have to tweet this…sad

Another fan was even more brutal, ” Hit feature film grosses $200k. Trump broke you and lives in your head 24/7. Seek help. “

Interestingly enough, there are also people that defended her as well.

You’d be a better reality star than 45 will EVER EVER be!! YOU KEEP GOING QUEEN, PEOPLE ARE HEARING YOUR STORY!!” – one person wrote.

Another person said, ” I have more Emmy’s than Donald. That does feel good to say. BTW, your reviews are fire.

Another fan wrote, ” So happy to see Kathy Griffin is back doing what she does best; trolling & winning Emmy’s. Womp, womp.

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