Lindsey Graham Wants Answers On Role Of CIA And Obama In Trump-Russia Probe

Senator Lindsey Graham said on Sunday he wants to know if the CIA and the Obama White House played a role in the Trump-Russia investigation, and demanded answers on what President Obama himself may have known about it.

Graham appeared on Fox News’ Sunday Morning Futures show where he spoke with host Maria Bartiromo about the unanswered questions he has about possible abuse of FISA.

The Senator also said he was curious about the role U.S. intelligence agencies played as well.

“You know, I really am very curious about the role that CIA played here,” Graham said.

Graham noted the DOJ and FBI made extensive use of the dossier compiled by Christopher Steele.

He said the dossier was “one problem” but not the only one.

“This whole intelligence operation, what role did the CIA play? Who knew about this in the White House? There’s a question!” Graham said. “Was President Obama briefed on the fact that they were opening up a counterintelligence investigation against the Trump campaign? I’d like to know that.”

“At the time John Brennan was running CIA,” Bartiromo said. “Are you going to call him to testify?”

“We’ll see,” Graham replied.

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