Lindsey Graham says he will ‘back off’ FISA abuse investigation

Sen. Lindsey Graham stated that Senate Judiciary Committee will back off with its investigation into FISA abuse.

Sen. Graham, who is the committee chairman, stated he changed his mind on this after AG Barr tasked John Durham to investigate the origins of the Russia investigation.

“I’m glad you have a prosecutor not a politician,” he said. “I don’t expect you to take my word about what happened with the FISA warrant. I’m a Republican, and I want the president to do well. I don’t expect Republicans to take [House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry] Nadler’s word about anything wrongdoing toward Trump. We finally have somebody outside of politics.”

Sen. Lindsey Graham also added that he wanted to give “space” to Durham to do his job properly.

“You’ve now got a prosecutor. I don’t want to get in their way, I don’t want to mess up his criminal investigation, and I don’t want to put people at risk, so I’m going to back off,” he said.

A source told Fox News that Durham has been reviewing the origin of the Russia investigation “for weeks.”

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