Lou Dobbs Defends Trump For Storming Out Of Meeting With Dems

Lou Dobbs defended President Donald Trump on Wednesday night for storming out of a meeting with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer. Dobbs said the “Dimms” are “no longer borderline evil, they’ve crossed that line.”

The Fox Business host slammed Speaker Nancy Pelosi in particular for saying that President Trump has engaged in a cover-up. He said on the contrary, there’s evidence of a “vast left-wing conspiracy against the President of the United States.”

At one point he said, “The hell with them! Why do business with them at all? I think he did exactly the right thing.”

Ed Rollins agreed that Trump “has no obligation to meet with them.”

Dobbs also called out Sen. Lindsey Graham for his incredibly mild critique of the Dems.

“I disagree with what the House of Representatives is doing. I thought Mueller was the Final Word. I can understand how the president feels – It’s. Never. Enough.” Graham wrote in one tweet.

“I have a lot of sympathy for President Trump. I’ve never seen anybody treated this way. All I would say is try to rise above it if you can. The country is looking for leadership. We need leadership,” he added.

“I would encourage the President to focus on what is best for the American people and fight back against efforts to undermine him, his administration, and his family,” Graham wrote to Trump.

Dobbs asked, “Do you think Lindsey Graham could for one week make up his mind, decide whether he is a Democrat, a Republican, whether he’s pro-Trump or anti-Trump? I mean, what in the world is he doing?”

“He wants to be in front of the cameras,” Rollins concluded.