Low Recruit Discipline Prompts Army to Redesign Basic Training

The U.S. Military will soon launch a redesign of Basic Combat Training in order to deal with millennials stereotyped as “entitled” or “undisciplined.”

According to Military.com, “the U.S. Army will soon launch a redesign of Basic Combat Training intended to build more discipline after many commanders complained that new soldiers often show up to their first units with a sloppy appearance and undisciplined attitudes.” 

“By early summer, new recruits will go through Army BCT that’s designed to instill strict discipline and esprit de corps by placing a new emphasis in drill and ceremony, inspections, pride in military history while increasing the focus on critical training such as physical fitness, marksmanship, communications and battlefield first aid skills.”

The new basic training regimen “will also feature three new field training exercises that place a greater emphasis on forcing recruits to demonstrate Warrior Tasks and Battle Drills.”

These new skills would prepare the incoming soldier for combat conditions.

According to the commanding general of the U.S. Army Center of Initial Military Training, Maj. Gen. Malcolm Frost, the new regimen came out of surveys given to 27,000 commissioned officers, warrant officers and non-commissioned officers.

They say they’ve “observed a trend of new soldiers fresh out of training displaying a lack of obedience and poor work ethic as well as being careless with equipment, uniform and appearance.”

“What leaders have observed in general is they believe that there is too much of a sense of entitlement, questioning of lawful orders, not listening to instruction, too much of a buddy mentality with NCOs and officers and a lot of tardiness being late to formation and duties,” Frost said.

And the biggest problem? “The number-one thing that was asked for five-fold or five times as much as any of the other categories was discipline,” Frost said.

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