NBC Reporter Says GOP Struggling With Impeachment – Mark Meadows Flattens Her

Rep. Mark Meadows shut down a NBC News corresponder for saying during a panel segment that “Republicans are struggling” with Trump impeachment.

NBC’s Leigh Ann Caldwell tried to get Mark Meadows to speak on-camera as he happened to walk past her on Capitol Hill.

On Wednesday morning’s episode of MSNBC Live With Craig Melvin, Caldwell had just finished a scrum with Rep. Rim Jordan, when Meadows walked past her.

“Hold on, we have Mark Meadows right here,” Caldwell said.

“Congressman Meadows, can we talk…” Caldwell said, putting her hand on his arm as he blew past her.

“So he, he’s walking by right now,” Caldwell said, as Meadows continued down the hall.

“But Republicans are really struggling to defend the president…” Caldwell continued, at which point Meadows returned back and fired back: “Yeah, I’m not struggling on anything, the Republicans are not struggling on anything.”

“So congressman, there’s one person who has testified that there’s no quid pro quo, others, many others have said that there is,” Caldwell said, asking “So how do you justify that, how do you continue to defend the president?”

“Well there’s more than one, there is one in terms of the deposition being released, which is Ambassador Volkers, yesterday,” Meadows said, then claimed that Ambassador Sondland had said there was “no quid pro quo.”

“But I’m told he came and revised his testimony, said that he told a Ukrainian top official that the aid was being withheld until there was investigations,” Caldwell said, to which Meadows replied that “that was his presumption.”

Meadows then added it’s “getting easier to defend the president” based on the testimony of witnesses.

Watch the video: