Rep. Matt Gaetz Grills House Dems Over Impeachment Inquiry

Rep. Matt Gaetz grilled House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler for starting a “low energy impeachment” against President Donald Trump.

“The chairman mentioned he wouldn’t be debating the lexicon as to whether this was an impeachment inquiry or investigation. I’ve called it impeachment in drag because we’ve dressed up impeachment like an oversight hearing. Perhaps it’s low-T impeachment, low energy impeachment,” Gaetz told the committee Thursday.

At one point, Rep. Gaetz accused Rep. Jerry Nadler of posturing for his primary in New York, where he faces a number of challengers. This prompted groans from the audience.

“Hey, moan and groan all you want! We’ve got circumstances here where you guys can’t move the country. You don’t have any support for this endeavor … it’s like a Seinfeld hearing, it’s a hearing about nothing,” Gaetz said.

The lawmaker then launched a rant about the “Deep State” and accused various President Barack Obama-era officials of conspiring against Trump.

“We should investigate how someone can make things up and launch us into this bizarre fact pattern and disappear out of thin air and we should be investigating the FISA abuses where Jim Comey and other actors within a very corrupt deep state perpetrated a fraud on the FISA court,” he said.

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