Meadows Crushes The Left’s Sondland Testimony Hopes In Just 2 Tweets

After Sondland testimony yesterday, Rep. Mark Meadows broke silence on Twitter today to disprove the Left’s narrative for it.

He started out by tweeting about Sondland’s testimony.

He then continued, ” Democrats and the media are seizing on paragraph five of Sondland’s update, where he tells Mr. Yermak the aid may not be released without an anti-corruption statement. Even *if* you think this is nefarious… Sondland admits in paragraph FOUR this was based on an assumption!

People immediately responded to this.

One person said, ” Congress appropriates foreign aid funding, but isn’t there some type of agreement prepared with terms and conditions as to what the aid will be used for, goals to be met, financial responsibilities, etc.? Funding could be held until terms are met.

Another person said, “ Reading the actual changes are not at all how the media framed it yesterday, why am I not even a little surprised….

One person wrote, ” Of course. If they had something credible, Nancy would have had a formal impeachment vote, but she hasn’t. Cause’ they have nothing.

Another person wrote, ” Grasping at straws this is blatant corrupt behavior we all can clearly see. This will back fire spectacularly for you and others defending Trump.

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