McCain knocks Behar: ‘Can’t go a segment without talking about Trump’

The View’s Meghan McCain called out her co-host Joy Behar on Thursday’s episode, saying that she couldn’t make it through any segment without bringing up President Donald Trump.

Meghan, Joy and other co-hosts were discussing a story about a 10-year-old child who threw a tantrum after losing to his cousin in a game of foosball, apparently because, his parents said, he was raised to think he should never lose. When he lost, the cousin’s parents reportedly made him say that he won by cheating.

“And that little boy was Donald Trump,” Behar joked, provoking laughter and applause. McCain was having none of it and immediately called her out: “Can’t go a segment, can’t go a segment without talking about Trump.”

This wasn’t the first time McCain and Behar clashed over President Trump.

In February, the two got into a heated exchange over why Trump’s fans are still supporting him despite the controversies.

“Based just on that kind of treasonous behavior, why does the party stick with him? Why?” Behar pressed.

“Because the alternative being presented in front of a lot of Republicans is socialism, third-term abortions, things that I just could never get behind and you have to present something that is rational,” McCain replied.

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