Meghan McCain Rips Elle Magazine Over Headline

The View co-host Meghan McCain ripped the famous magazine Elle for its headline and the way how the magazine promote its interview with her. The headline says “Meghan McCain Is Having a Bad Week.”

I somehow missed “Meghan McCain is having a bad week” was the headline @ELLEmagazine used on their cover? Wow…just given the past year (and months) I’ve had this seems particularly shitty… I guess this is why people don’t talk to journalists and never tell them anything real. ” – Meghan tweeted about this.

She then continued criticizing Elle magazine.

Also, to anyone else who has ever had a bad week (or more) as I have. Don’t let magazines like @ELLEmagazine shame you to be honest & open- never be embarrassed to talk or share grief, pain, real life, struggle. I thank God there are so many resources and people out there to help ” – McCain tweeted.

I also want to say I am 14 days away from the anniversary of my dads death and petrified of what the day is going to feel like. I made a conscious choice to share my grief journey publicly so others would feel less alone – and would do it all over again. ” – she continued.

Anyways, I’m going back to my husband and Wyoming. I realize a this is a small thing in the scheme of things but I just don’t know why women’s magazines don’t do a better job trying to lift other women up, especially in 2019 (even if you disagree with their politics). “- she finished.

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