Melania Hosts Former First Lady Laura Bush At The White House

A White House official stated that First Lady Melania hosted a tour in the White House for about 20 members of the Bush family, former First Lady Laura Bush included.

However, she also “wanted to allow for the Bush family to have time at the White House together,” so she did not stay the entire length the visit, which lasted about an hour.

First Lady Melania gave holiday cookies for the whole Bush family and arranged for them to be able to see the staff from the residence.

Former First Lady Laura Bush then later posted on the social platform Instagram, thanking Melania for her hospitality. Several Bush family members took the special tour, including her sister-in-law Doro Bush and several of Bush Sr.’s grandchildren.

She also posted a picture posing with White House staff members whom she called her “old friends.

What a wonderful and a touching gesture by First Lady Melania. This is just another proof of how great a person she truly is.

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