Melania Trump’s plane forced to turn around after ‘thin haze of smoke’ witnessed

First Lady Melania Trump’s plane was forced to turn around Wednesday and return to Joint Base Andrews in Maryland after smoke filled the cabin.

10 minutes after taking off, Secret Service agents leapt from their seats and ran to the front of the aircraft.

“They’re fine. I just spoke to her,” President Donald Trump said a few hours later on the Fox Business Network. “They came back, she got on another plane.”

“I said, ‘I hope this plane’s better than the first one’,” he quipped. “But yeah, they had a problem. Yeah, but she’s fine.”

Stephanie Grisham, a spokeswoman for the First Lady, said shortly after the brief crises was over that a “minor mechanical issue” was to blame. No smoke was visible from the outside of the plane after it touched down.

Journalists on board said no one was hurt, per Daily Mail.

Shortly after landing, Melania Trump calmly walked off the plane and got into a waiting SUV.

A pool reporter said second plane was made ready for takeoff, and the first lady was on her way again.

Mrs. Trump was headed to Philadelphia to address a hospital conference on neonatal abstinence syndrome.

According to Daily Mail, a press pool reporter on board said journalists “could see a thin haze of smoke and smell something burning. The smell quickly became stronger.”

A crew member told the reporter that a “malfunctioning comms unit” was to blame. The White House has not confirmed any details.