Michelle Obama rebuffs Eric Holder’s remarks

Former first lady Michelle Obama slammed former Attorney General Eric Holder on Thursday for distorting one of her most well-known lines for civility in political discourse.

Michelle Obama joined “The Today Show” for an interview, and host Savannah Guthrie asked about recent comments made by Holder.

“Fear, it’s not a proper motivator,” Obama said. “Hope wins out. Think about how you want your kids to be raised, how you want them to think about life and their opportunities, do you want them afraid of their neighbors?”

The host then asked, “what would you say now about your motto? Do you think it still stands?”

Mrs. Obama said that she “absolutely” still believes her motto, “When they go low, we go high,” stands.

Holder put a negative twist on Obama’s motto earlier this week when he told the crowd “when they go low, we kick ’em.”

“At this point, you have to think about what are the things you’re telling your girls,” Obama said to Guthrie, who is a mother. “Which motto do you want them to live by?”

Obama maintained that as role models to younger people, older generations cannot act in ways opposite of how they want to raise up the next generation of individuals.