Mike Pence shakes hands with everyone at Olympics except one person

As every major event, the Pyeongchang Olympic Games are expected to come with a lot of political drama, as some U.S. Olympians have already spoken out against Trump. Shani Davis, speedskater representing the US, boycotted the opening ceremony after losing a coin toss to Erin Hamlin for the honor of carrying the American flag.

During the event, VP Mike Pence together with his wife Karen Pence, as well as other representatives from around the globe were spotted at the stands. Surprisingly, Kim Jong-Un’s younger sister also participated at the event, and sat just a few feet away from Mike Pence.

VP Mike Pence sent a strong message to North Korea regarding how he feels about Kim Jong-Un’s regime. According to Anna Fifield, the Tokyo bureau chief for The Washington Post, a huge mistake happened during the VIP reception before the opening ceremony.

Pence reportedly showed up late to the reception and didn’t have a seat. As soon as he showed up at the VIP area, he walked around greeting those present but avoided one person. Reportedly, Pence shook hands with and talked with everyone at the table of dignitaries except for North Korea’s Kim Young Nam, NK’s nominal head of state.

According to numeral South Korean media outlets, Pence was supposed to sit at the table across from Kim with 11 others, but the Vice President had a meeting scheduled with athletes and did not plan on staying long at the reception.