Dem Lawmaker Says Hearsay Can Be Better Than Direct Evidence, Don Jr Wrecks Him

Rep. Mike Quigley defended the testimony from two State Department officials on Wednesday by saying that “hearsay” can be “much better evidence than direct” evidence.

Deputy Assistant Secretary of State George Kent and acting U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine William Taylor testified before House Intelligence Committee on Wednesday as part of the House impeachment inquiry into President Trump.

Neither witness has had significant contact with Trump, and had no firsthand knowledge of the events.

“I think the American public needs to be reminded that countless people have been convicted on hearsay because the courts have routinely allowed and created needed exceptions to hearsay,” Quigley said to close his questioning of Kent and Taylor. “Hearsay can be much better evidence than direct, as we have learned in painful instances and it’s certainly valid in this instance.”

Quigley’s remarks were immediately challenged by GOP members, arguing that hearsay evidence would not be admissible into a court case such as the case for impeaching Trump.

Donald Trump Jr. also hammered Quigley in a series of tweets.

“Can you believe this insanity? ‘Heresay can be much better evidence than DIRECT EVIDENCE’ according to Democrat Mike Quigley,” Trump tweeted. “Are you fricken kidding me? 3rd and 4th party info better than hearing it yourself?”

“Sounds exactly like what someone would say when they’re desperate and have no actual evidence…” he added.