Mnuchin Will “Follow The Law” On Releasing Trump’s Tax Returns

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin suggested on Thursday that he would respect President Trump’s privacy if House Dems request his tax returns.

“I haven’t received the request. If you have a request for me today I am happy to accept it. I can’t speculate on a request before I receive it,” Mnuchin said. The Secretary was asked if he would follow the law that grants House Committee on Ways and Means the power to request to review business and personal returns.

House Dems are looking forward to use that power to review President Trump’s personal and business taxes for potential criminal violations or ethical entanglements.

The law grants allows the committee to review those returns, but making them public is trickier. Releasing taxpayer information without the taxpayer’s permission is a felony punishable by up to five years in prison.

“We will protect the president as we would protect any taxpayer,” Mnuchin said, hinting at potential pushback in court to the expected congressional request.

Mnuchin declined to comment on the tax return investigation again when asked by reporters.

“Let me just say, obviously internal discussions that I have with our legal team on any issues, not just pertaining to this, are premature to comment on publicly. We haven’t even seen a request,” he said.

“We’ll evaluate it, consider it, and follow the law,” Mnuchin stated.

During the congressional testimony on Thursday morning, Mnuchin said that Trump has not told him how to handle such a request.

“He has not,” he responded. “I have not discussed with anyone in the White House the issue of his tax returns or the request of his tax returns.”