Mollie Hemingway rips the media for ‘misunderstanding’ Trump

Mollie Hemingway, a senior editor at The Federalist and a contributor for Fox News, ripped the media on Monday for misunderstanding President Donald Trump.

After the media botched President Trump’s speech about Lee and Grant, the conservative columnist and political commentator took to Twitter and lit them up.

“I don’t care that political media loathe Trump, but year 3 of “misunderstanding” him is ridiculous. Like, if you truly don’t understand him, fine! But quit your job. If you’re pretending not to understand him, also quit your job,” Hemingway wrote. “Because either way, you’re really bad at this.”

This comes after NBC issued a major correction on Sunday for a tweet erroneously claiming President Trump called Confederate general Robert E. Lee “incredible.”

Their correction came hours after President Trump called out the news outlet for misleading its audience about what he said.

“CORRECTION: An earlier tweet misidentified the general President Trump described as ‘incredible’. It was Gen. Ulysses S. Grant, not Gen. Robert E. Lee. An attached video clip lacked the full context for Trump’s remark,” NBC News’ Twitter account said, along with a longer clip offering further context.

Here’s how people reacted.

“It’s more of misunderstanding Americans,” one Twitter user replied to Hemingway’s tweet.

“LOL @ misunderstanding, yes, the MSM has become comedy lately with the Kanye thing & now pretending that a left wing mob isn’t really a mob, not their finest hour, no doubt,” another one added.