Nadler Slams White House’s Refusal to Hand Over Documents

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler dismissed the White House’s “extraordinary demand” for Dems to stop their investigation.

On Wednesday, the White House legal counsel released a letter announcing that they will not comply with House Judiciary Committee’s requests for documents and testimony related to the Mueller probe. Speaking to reporters, Jerry Nadler said that the administration is claiming Trump “is a king” who cannot be held accountable.

“This is the White House saying that the Justice Department said they can’t hold the president accountable because you can’t indict a president and now they’re saying neither can Congress. So the president is totally unaccountable and above the law. No president, no person in the United States is above the law. This is preposterous.”

Nadler also noted that the house may impose “very large” fines for people held in inherent contempt. In statements to other reporters, he struck back at the White House’s demand for an end of investigations.

The White House also fired back at Nadler’s remarks.

“I asked a WH about Nadler’s saying WH is claiming Pres Trump “is a king,” Yamiche Alcindor tweeted.

“Sr. WH official: ‘The president is not acting in an imperial fashion. House Democrats and chairmen like Chairman Nadler…are acting imperiously by setting out demands that they know they have no right to,'” she continued.