Andrew Napolitano Stunned By Lindsey Graham’s Advice To Don Jr.

Fox News’ Judge Andrew Napolitano was stunned by Senator Lindsey Graham’s advice to Donald Trump Jr. regarding the Senate Intel Committee subpoena.

On Sunday, Lindsey Graham suggested Donald Trump Jr. should just ignore the subpoena. However, Graham said today that he doesn’t consider Trump’s eldest son above the law, but that he doesn’t like the idea of prosecuting “for political reasons.”

His comments came during a discussion with Fox News’ Neil Cavuto on Attorney General Bill Barr’s decision to assign a prosecutor to look into the origins of the Russia probe.

Napolitano talked about issues with the FISA court and defended the investigation as more than just “doing the president’s bidding”, saying, “There’s enormous public interest on both sides of the aisle to find out how the heck this started.”

At the end of the interview, Cavuto brought up Graham’s statement on Senate Intel subpoena “recommending that Donald Trump Jr. not testify to the intelligence committee.”

“I’m personally very fond of Senator Graham,” Napolitano said. “I’ve known him since he was one of the prosecutors in the Clinton impeachment. But I never heard of a senator saying disobey a valid lawful subpoena issued by the chairman of another Senate committee. The subpoena, just like the one to Bill Barr, is presumed valid. If you can’t or don’t want to comply with it, you’ve got to challenge it in court. You can’t just sit on it and you can’t not show. Somebody will show up with handcuffs.”

“No matter who you are,” Cavuto said.

“No matter who your father is,” Napolitano added.