Newt Gingrich: Trump’s State of the Union changed history

Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich posted an article on Fox News’ website praising President Donald Trump for his State of the Union address.

Gingrich explained how he believes Trump’s SOTU changed the trajectory of history.

“Every once in a while a speech is so effective and powerful it changes the trajectory of history. President Trump’s 2019 State of the Union address was that kind of speech,” Gingrich started.

The former Speaker of the House praised Trump’s interaction with the members of Congress.

“The emotions of Tuesday night matched anything President Reagan achieved in his addresses to Congress. From the early mentions of people in the gallery – which were guaranteed to get even the Democrats to stand and applaud – to spontaneously singing “Happy Birthday” to a Holocaust and 2018 synagogue shooting survivor to chanting “USA! USA!,” the total performance and interaction with the members of Congress was vastly more powerful than the words on paper.”

Gingrich went on to applaud Trump’s delivery, saying it was very “presidential.” He praised his interaction with the “Democrats in a positive and cheerful way.”

“By one count, the president was interrupted 98 times with applause. Both the left-wing Democrats and the never Trump Republicans found themselves standing and applauding again and again,” Newt Gingrich continued.

The congressman-turned-Fox News pundit explained what exactly was going through Pelosi’s mind during Trump’s powerful speech.

“She had to sit and be pleasant while her major opponent got her own party to repeatedly stand with enthusiastic applause.”

“Speaker Pelosi at times could not help herself. She would conspicuously pick up the speech text and read it to find out how much longer she had to remain disciplined and pretend to be a good hostess (the president is the guest of the House). When even her most radical new members began standing and applauding, she must have experienced a bit of despair,” Gingrich stated.

You can read the rest of his statement here.