Nicolle Wallace Trashes Trump Over Leaked Schedule

Today, Nicolle Wallace compared President Trump to a child after another schedule leaked which showed that Trump spent the majority of his day in “unstructured executive time.”

“Donald Trump still managed to spend between three to eight hours a day in unstructured executive time,” she said. “Which we know now involves tweeting away in front of the television.”

“It doesn’t mean you’re working because you’re awake and watching Fox,” Wallace said.

Alexi McCammond, a reporter for Axios then explained that Trump even tweets during the times he is apparently working.

“[I was] tracking the tweets during times he’s supposedly meeting with his chief of staff or during intelligence briefings or policy times because it’s not infrequent,” she said.

“He’s retweeting Charlie Kirk while supposedly in a staff meeting, and tweeting about illegal immigration when he’s supposedly meeting with his chief of staff. During lunch, with Mike Pence he is tweeting about fake news. During policy time he is tweeting about other things,” McCammond said.

“If he were seven, it would be called screen time. As a mother of a seven-year-old, screen time is more structured than his executive time. He’s never doing what he says he’s doing,” Wallace said.

Former DNC senior advisor Doug Thornell said that if most Americans had a work ethic like Trump they would be fired.

“If most American workers kept a work schedule like this, they would be fired,” he said. “He thinks he has a no-show job where he can just show up and do the bare minimum such as, sit around in a lawn chair and fan himself like a ‘Soprano’ character while everybody else around him is working.”

Now this is totally uncalled for. Trump is doing an excellent job as President, even the latest poll numbers are showing this. Too bad Wallace doesn’t see and understand this fact.

What are your thoughts on this?