Obama Calls For Gun Control After Florida Shooting – Twitter Responds

As you know, there were seventeen victims in the mass shooting that happened yesterday in high school in Florida. Nikolas Cruz, a 19-year old and former student in the school, was responsible for it. He was apprehended almost immediately.

Today, like clockwork, all the liberals started demanding for gun control. Among them is former President Barack Obama.

From The Gateway Pundit:

Barack Obama just won’t go away. Apparently 8 years of destroying America wasn’t good enough for him.

On Thursday afternoon, Obama took to his Twitter account to call for long overdue ‘common sense gun safety laws’. Whatever that means.

Obama tweeted, “We are grieving with Parkland. But we are not powerless. Caring for our kids is our first job. And until we can honestly say that we’re doing enough to keep them safe from harm, including long overdue, common-sense gun safety laws that most Americans want, then we have to change.”

Nikolas Cruz was allegedly reported to the FBI in September after he left a comment on a bail bondsman’s YouTube channel saying that he was going to be a “professional school shooter.”

The FBI barely followed up on the tip.

Then the FBI came out and said they couldn’t identify “Nikolas Cruz” after the YouTube threat even though his profile was all over social media.

But this is a ‘gun problem’ according to deranged leftists.

Trump supporters responded.

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Serves him right!

What are your thoughts on this folks? Do you think Barack Obama should stay out of politics for good?

Thank you for reading.