Obama health official blasts Trump’s physical exam

The health official who was previously hired by Obama to lead the U.S. response to the Ebola crisis, blasted the White House physician’s recent memo about Trump’s second physical exam.

“No doctor can predict someone’s future health,” Ronald Klain, who also served as Chief of Staff to former Vice President Joe Biden, said in a tweet on Saturday morning.

“This is a disgrace to an office with a great tradition of professionalism. Just another institution turned into a joke by a President determined to make anyone willing to submit an instrument of his lies,” he continued.

This tweet from Klain comes just a day after the physician of Trump, Navy Cdr. Sean Conley, stated in a memo that Trump’s recent health exam showed that he is in a very good health.

In the brief memo, Conley states he anticipates the president would remain in good health “for the duration of his presidency, and beyond.”

On the other hand, the memo did not provide further details about the president’s assessment.

Conley said reports and recommendations regarding the president’s health are “still being finalized,” indicating more information could be released at a later date.

The exam marked the second physical Trump received as president.

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