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Pete Hegseth - Fox News

Fox News Host Pete Hegseth Slams AOC on Live TV

Pete Hegseth, the Fox News Host, slammed Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez today for her remarks about the healthcare system for veterans. Washington Examiner reported that...
Morning Joe

Morning Joe Responds To Trump’s Twitter Slams

Morning Joe responded to Trump's Twitter attacks this morning with a dose of sarcasm. Trump tweeted, " Sorry to say but @foxandfriends is...
Nicolle Wallace

MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace Slams Sarah Sanders & Kellyanne Conway

MSNBC's Nicolle Wallace slammed White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders and other officials for "debasing" the White House by telling lies. The MSNBC host...
Joy Behar - Trump Impeached

Joy Behar Rages, Trump ‘Would’ve Been Impeached Automatically’ Had He Testified!

Joy Behar and the other hosts of The View had a mini-meltdown today over the results from the Mueller report. Behar argued that it was Mueller's mistake...
Joe Walsh

Joe Walsh Calls Out Republicans For Post-Mueller Report Silence

Ex-Republican Congressman Joe Walsh surprised everyone today when he publicly called out the Republicans for not commenting on the Mueller report. Following the release...
MSNBC harasses Robert Mueller Easter during service

MSNBC Faces Backlash For “Harassing” Robert Mueller At Church On Easter

MSNBC faced fierce backlash on Easter Sunday after reporter Mike Viqueira attempted to question Special Counsel Robert Mueller as he left Easter church services in Washington, D.C.
Michael Cohen - Trump

Michael Cohen Fires Back with Blistering Statement After Trump Takes Shot at Him in...

Trump took a shot at his former lawyer Michael Cohen today in a lawsuit seeking to block House Democrats from using a subpoena to obtain Trump’s financial...
Trump mocks CNN ratings

Trump taunts CNN over low ratings

President Donald Trump took to Twitter on Monday to mock CNN for low prime time ratings. His tweet is a response to a...
John Kerry

Trump: Iran is getting ‘VERY BAD advice’ from John Kerry

President Trump questioned today whether former Secretary of State John Kerry broke the Logan Act by secretly meeting with Iranian official to help salvage the Iran deal.
Morning Joe

Morning Joe Calls for TV Ban of Kellyanne, Giuliani, Sarah Sanders

Morning Joe held a discussion today where they questioned why TV networks even bother having Kellyanne Conway, Sarah Sanders and Rudy Giuliani on their shows when all...