Pelosi Shreds AG Barr, Says He Lied Under Oath

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi alleged today that AG William Barr lied under oath and that she will no longer address “anything more that he has to say.”

I don’t even want to address him,” Pelosi told reporters. “He has lied to Congress as the attorney general of the United States. He’s lied under oath. I’m not speaking to anything more that he has to say.

Washington Post reports that these comments by Pelosi were in reference to AG Barr’s April testimony to the House Appropriations committee. On the testimony, AG Barr was asked about the reports that members of Mueller’s team were frustrated with how Barr summarized the Mueller’s report.

Barr said he did not know about any reports of Mueller’s frustration, but it was reported that he had received a letter and phone call from Mueller two weeks earlier about his concerns.

These comments by Pelosi come after Barr ripped the House Democrats, saying they want to make a “public spectacle” of Mueller’s hearing next week.

I was disappointed to see him subpoenaed. I don’t think that serves any purpose, dragging Bob Mueller up, if he, in fact, is going to stick to the report,” Barr told reporters in South Carolina on Monday. “It seems to me the only reason for doing that is to create some kind of public spectacle. And if Bob decides that he doesn’t want to be subject to that, then Department of Justice would certainly back him.

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