Pelosi urges Democrats: ‘No drama’ at Mueller hearings

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi urged the Democrats to show “a level of calmness” at Mueller’s hearing next week.

As we go into next week, I’d like to have a level of calmness, no drama, regarding the Mueller presentation,” Pelosi told rank-and-file Democrats at a closed-door meeting Thursday. “The very fact that he is presenting is what we want, so many more people will be aware of the charges that are in the Mueller report.

Former special counsel Robert Mueller is scheduled to testify before both the House Judiciary Committee and the House Intelligence Committee next week. Each panel will have around two hours to question Mueller about his report.

However, the Democrats are already frustrated. They are unhappy with the time constraints, which have forced the committee leaders to limit who can ask questions and for how long. In addition, they also have a history of theatrics.

For example, at a recent hearing, Rep. Steve Cohen placed a bucket of fried chicken on the desk in front of the empty witness chair. AG William Barr was supposed to show on that particular hearing, but he didn’t so Cohen placed a bucket of fried chicken instead.

Pelosi told Democrats to avoid such a show. She said that Mueller’s appearance will provide more exposure to the public about the report.

It is valuable” to have Mueller talk about the report in public, Pelosi said, “Because 3% of the public say they’ve read it, which means it’s polling like .03% of the public. It is devastating, it is pointing out how the president has obstructed justice really so many times.

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