People Can’t Stop Sharing Jokes About Pelosi And Schumer Sharing One Podium

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer delivered awkward response to President Donald Trump’s prime-time address Tuesday night, and many viewers were actually focused on the speech’s strange, double-headed visuals rather than its political message.

While the shared staging was perhaps intended to convey Democrats’ solidarity against Trump’s policies, many social media users ridiculed the “bizarre-looking, two headed” optics.

“Well that is an awkward podium setup,” wrote one Twitter user.

“One podium, one speaker (at a time). Not a good look,” added another one.

“Can Chuck Schumer stare down the teleprompter any harder?” asked Katie Pavlich.

“I think she’s the hostage, but I’m not sure.”

Some people noted that the doubled delivery made Pelosi and Schumer look like admonishing parents.

“I suddenly feel like I’ve disappointed my parents.”

The jokes piled on.

“We’re not mad, we’re just disappointed.”

Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi: this is going to be a slam dunk

*stands extremely close together behind a podium while staring down the camera awkwardly for way too long*

And perhaps, the winner of the night:

“Chuck and Nancy look like they’re selling me a reverse mortgage.”

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