President Trump Asked if He Has Deadline on China Tariffs – His Response Is Viral

During a presser today, President Trump stated that there is no “deadline” for imposing new tariffs. However, what he said afterwards is what everyone are talking about.

Reuters’ reporter Jeff Mason asked Trump, “What is your deadline, if you have one, for China to make progress on trade before you impose the tariffs on the other $325 billion in goods?

Trump responded by saying that he will have a meeting with President Xi, and also added, “We thought we had a deal. We didn’t have a deal. And I would never make something that would be less than what we already had.

Afterwards, Trump continued to talk about tariffs and the deal he made with Mexico, adding that America has a “much better relationship” with Mexico now.

When he finished, Mason asked, “My original question, sir, was do you have a deadline for imposing the $325…

No, I have no deadline. My deadline is what’s up here,” the president said, pointing at his head.”We’ll figure out the deadline. Nobody can quite figure it out.

The internet immediately responded to Trump’s remark.

WaPo’s Josh Dawsey tweeted, “Every editor I’ve ever worked with.”

Kathryn Watson from CBS tweeted, “Me when my editor says I’m past deadline

Washington Examiner’s Seth Mandel tweeted, “He’s every editor’s nightmare

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