Rand Paul Issues Huge Warning Over Likely Impeachment Trial

Sen. Rand Paul issued a huge warning today, saying he could oppose a resolution establishing rules for a likely impeachment trial. However, this would only happen if the trial limits witnesses and blocks the whistleblower from being called to testify.

I’m all in favor of the president calling Joe Biden, Hunter Biden and the whistleblower. … I’d advise Republicans not to participate in anything that doesn’t allow defense witnesses,” Rand Paul told reporters on Thursday.

Asked if he would vote against a resolution that didn’t include calling the whistleblower, Paul said that he would.

Rand Paul’s comments come after he called for the revealing of the whistleblower’s identity, who is at the center of the Houes impeachment inquiry.

We also now know the name of the whistleblower. The whistleblower needs to come forward as a material witness because he worked for Joe Biden at the same time Hunter Biden was getting money from corrupt oligarchs.

I say tonight to the media, do your job and print his name,” Paul said.

In addition, Trump and some of his allies have also called for the revealing of the whistleblower. They argued that Trump has a right to confront his accuser and help disclose any potential biases or political motivations of the individual.

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