Rand Paul Says Lisa Page Testimony Deserves More Attention

Sen. Rand Paul took to Twitter on Wednesday to call for increased attention to what former FBI attorney Lisa Page told Congress last year about an “insurance policy” against President Donald Trump.

Paul also noted how Page said she knew of “almost no evidence of collusion” in the federal Russia investigation as late as May 2017.

“This deserves more attention!” Paul tweeted. “FBI Mistress, Lisa Page, confirmed to House Judiciary, there was an anti-Trump Insurance Policy and it’s the fake Russian investigation! She admits there was almost no evidence on collusion, yet they continued with WITCH HUNT!”

During Page’s testimony before House Judiciary and Oversight Committee, investigators asked her about a series of text messages she exchanged with then-FBI special agent and lover Peter Strzok concerning an “insurance policy” against Trump. DOJ inspector General Michael Horowitz discovered the texts in 2018 and called out the two former FBI officials as exhibiting bias.

Page admitted the texts were referring to the Russia investigation but said it was a “continuing check-in” to decide how quickly to proceed with the investigation.

She also noted evidence of Trump campaign collusion was scant, saying that the FBI “knew so little” about whether the allegations were true or not.

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