Rapinoe on Trump: ‘We are everything he loves,’ except ‘we’re powerful, strong women’

In a recent interview, U.S. soccer star and player Megan Rapinoe called out Trump again, arguing that he had a “really hard time” with the national team this year.

We are everything he loves with the exception that we’re powerful, strong women,” Rapinoe told The Guardian in an interview released Saturday.

And he was having a really hard time – you could see in these sets of tweets: you hate us, you love us, you want us to come [to the White House] – and you are threatening us, all at the same time,” Rapinoe continued.

In the interview, she also talked about some frustration that she had felt after Trump called her out on Twitter after in a video she said she is not going to the White House.

The only moment where I was like ‘Aaaargh!’ was when I thought: ‘Is this going to affect the team in some way?’ I didn’t want that to happen. But actually I have the opposite [view of] authority – my sister and I both,” Rapinoe said.

I wouldn’t say that we’re anti-authority, but when there’s a person who is abusing their power or manipulating people, whether it’s a teacher when I was younger or Donald Trump now, there’s nothing that fires me up and grinds my gears more. I was just like: ‘No. That’s not happening,’ ” she said.

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