Rep. Dan Crenshaw roasts press at foundation dinner

Rep. Dan Crenshaw took a jab at reporters that were gathered for the Washington Press Club Foundation’s 75th annual congressional dinner.

“I was a little nervous trying to prepare for this, because they said, ‘Yeah, come make fun of Democrats, it will be fine,’ so I wasn’t sure, should I, like, start ripping on Democrats or should I rip on the press, and then I was like, ‘Eh, they’re kind of the same thing,’” Crenshaw said to laughter, which he drew throughout his stand-up bit.

Crenshaw pointed out that though many of those in attendance likely don’t care for President Trump, they should “love him” because of the content Trump brings to the table.

“Journalism is cool again. And you have endless content, let’s be honest,” Crenshaw said. “Business is good. You should be thanking him, and God knows, imagine if it was John Delaney in the White House. You got nothing.”

Comedy itself became a subject of Crenshaw’s jokes on Wednesday. “Everybody is very sensitive these days as we know. I don’t really get that,” he said.

“It’s so easy to trigger everyone these days, especially if you mention President Donald Trump. I’m triggering some people right now,” he said.

“Trip and fall? It’s Trump’s fault. Phone died before you’re finished calling your Uber? Trump,” Crenshaw joked.

And he is right folks. Whatever happens in the country, it is Trump’s fault immediately.

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