Rep. Doug Collins Calls For Investigation Of CNN Over Spy Report

Congressman Doug Collins appeared on Fox News for an interview on Tuesday in which he questioned whether CNN is on America’s side following their report on Russian spies and President Trump.

A day earlier, CNN reported that a high-level CIA spy was extracted from Russia in 2017 due to concerns that the Trump administration’s handling of sensitive information might’ve exposed the asset’s position in the government.

The New York Times also published the report but disputed a core element of CNN’s report by saying the extraction was necessitated due to “media scrutiny of the agency’s sources,” not the Trump administration.

When America’s Newsroom co-host Sandra Smith asked the House Judiciary Committee ranking Republican about CIA’s pushback on CNN’s report, he immediately slammed the network for the report, and for hiring former FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe as a commentator.

“The CIA has now come out and called it ‘misguided false and inaccurate’. What’s your response?” asked Smith.

“My response is: First let’s talk about who brought the story – CNN. This is the same group that hired Andrew McCabe as a commentator,” started Collins.

“To put it out at this time and to put such a way the CIA had to come out and respond to this is really a disturbing part,” Collins said. “I really question whose side is CNN on. This is a problem we’re seeing. I think it needs to be investigated.”

Watch the video, via Fox News: