Rep. Jackson Lee Loses It After Lewandowski Refuses To Answer Questions

Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee had a fiery exchange of words with Corey Lewandowski during today’s House Judiciary Committee hearing as she pressed him on the Mueller report.

The president asked you, who had no role at all in the White House, to deliver that message to Attorney General Sessions,” Jackson Lee said. “If the president thought what he was doing was legal, why didn’t he just pick up the phone and call Attorney General Sessions, or why not ask any member of his staff who worked right down the hall to deliver a message? It is clear to me that the reason he went to you, Mr. Lewandowski, is because everyone said no.

She asked Lewandowski, “When the president asked you to deliver that message, did he, the president, tell you two days before your meeting his White House counsel refused to fire the special counsel?

The White House has directed me that I not disclose the substance of any discussions with the president,” he responded.

The congresswoman asked again and Lewandowski said, “I’d be happy to answer your question, or you can just have a conversation by yourself. But if you’d like to ask me a question, I’ll be happy to answer it… Don’t ask me a question if you don’t want to hear my time.

This is the House Judiciary, not a house party,” Jackson lee responded.

So if you ask me a question, give me the opportunity to answer your question,” Lewandowski said.

They they kept going and going. At one point, Jackson Lee said, “The president knew what he was doing was wrong because everyone else had already said no. He called his White House counsel to fire the special counsel. McGahn said no. He called the Attorney general to ask him to un-recuse himself from the special counsel’s investigation. Sessions said no. His White House counsel said there should be no contact with Sessions because of his recusal. So what does the president do? He calls you in to do what everyone else wouldn’t do. He calls you in to do his dirty work in secret because he knew it was wrong. We will expose the truth. The president cannot hide behind you any longer.

Lewandowski’s asnwer was pure trolling. He said, “I don’t believe there was a question.

Yes, there was,” Jackson Lee responded.

Could you repeat the question?” Lewandowski asked. “Just a rant.”

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