Sarah Sanders Destroys Media Over North Korean Hypocrisy

White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders scolded reporters during her daily press briefing Friday; reminding journalists of their glowing coverage of the North Korean regime during the 2018 Olympics just weeks ago.

Sanders addressed several questions about President Donald Trump’s acceptance of a meeting with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un over the rogue country’s nuclear weapons program. The White House has said the talks are conditional upon North Korea taking concrete steps toward denuclearization.

Sparks flew between Sanders and one reporter when he asked if the Trump administration was “elevating” Kim Jong Un by holding high-level meetings with the brutal dictator.

“He’s starved his own people, he’s murdered his own people… Why put him on the same stage as the President of the United States?” he asked.

“The president wants to make sure that we denuclearize the peninsula, and that we’re securing and helping have a safer world,” Sanders fired-back. “I’m glad that you guys are acknowledging a lot of the problems of North Korea, because just a couple weeks ago a lot of members in the press were actually elevating North Korea and some of the members of the regime and comparing them to people in the United States and in this administration.”

“That’s what put North Korea on a similar stage,” she added.

Watch the Press Secretary’s fiery exchange in the video below.