Scaramucci Goes Off on Trump In New Interview

Anthony Scaramucci continued his revolt against Trump with a brutal interview where he questioned Trump’s mental health.

Scaramucci appeared on Eric Bolling’s show where he was asked how and why did he turn against Trump. The former White House communications director then explained about his split from Trump and also added that Trump is “nuts.”

I’m done with the guy because its a sign he’s completely crazy,” Scaramucci said. “He’s alienated every single person in the White House. He doesn’t talk to anybody in the White House. People are afraid of him…The entire party is scared of him, at least the people that are elected officials. They don’t like him. He has a base of supporters that like him, but he’s got 58 to 60 percent of the country who dislikes him.

The conversation rose to a whole new level when Scaramucci and Bolling argued about whether Trump is dividing the country. This led to Scaramucci saying Trump is “mentally declining” and the country is getting tired of the “corrosive, socially-dividing cancer” he created.

Scaramucci was then asked about Sean Spicer’s comments that he was being used by Trump critics and opponents. The Mooch returned fire saying that Spicer “hates Trump’s guts” and only aligned with him because “he’s another swamp creature.”

He can say whatever he wants, I could care less,” Scaramucci said. “He’s Liar Spice from the Spice Girls. Trust me, there’s never been a bigger liar than him. Trump’s up there, but he’s a big-time liar.

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