Schiff: Barr has Giuliani’s ‘duplicity’ without his ‘good looks,’ ‘likeability’

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff took a jab at AG William Barr by making an extremely unfavorable comparison between him and Rudy Giuliani. He slandered both men’s looks and character.

While speaking at a conference, host Ari Melber asked Adam Schiff about his thoughts on the reports that Trump is considering to pardon people again.

The pardon power, like any power in the Constitution, is not absolute,” Schiff said. “And you see this absolutely argument made in many context, so you see now the, and I hesitate to call him the attorney general, he’s really more the personal attorney for the president, but you see the argument made…

What do you mean by that, you don’t think he deserves the title anymore?” Melber asked.

No,” Schiff responded.

Afterwards, he continued, “I think Bill Barr has all the duplicity of Rudy Giuliani, without the good looks and general likability of Rudy Giuliani,” he said. This made the crowd laugh.

I mean, the most dangerous thing I think that Bill Barr has done is basically say that a president under investigation can make the investigation go away if he thinks it’s unfair,” Schiff continued, and proceeded to discuss the many ways that the powers of the presidency can be abused, including firing an FBI director for improper reasons.

By going for AG Barr’s and Giuliani’s physical look, Schiff has reached a new low. These remarks are totally uncalled for.

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