Schumer Rips Trump ‘Medicare for all’ Op-Ed As ‘Smears And Sabotage’

Senate Democratic leader, Chuck Schumer, ripped Trump today, saying that his USA Today op-ed “Medicare for all” is filled with misinformation which deliberately mislead the public.

“The American people deserve better than smears and sabotage,” Schumer said in a statement.

“All of the false and misleading words in the world can’t cover up the truth: President Trump and Republicans in Congress are forcing millions of Americans to pay more for health insurance and trying to rip away protections for people with pre-existing conditions.”

He also added that the column is only trying to distract the public while the Trump administration “engages in a purposeful sabotage of our nation’s healthcare system.”

Schumer noted that Democrats are forcing a vote to overturn the Trump administration’s “junk insurance” rule, which expands non-ObamaCare insurance plans.

The effort is meant to put Republicans on the record against pre-existing condition protections ahead of the midterm elections next month.

Well, I dunno about you folks, but this seems to me that Schumer is actually jealous of Trump. This is why he is constantly bashing him. However, Trump will definitely not let this one slide. I am pretty sure that his response will be swift.

What are your thoughts on this folks?

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