Sean Hannity Scorches CNN’s President

Sean Hannity slammed CNN President Jeff Zucker for his vicious attacks on Fox News Thursday, politely informing the left-leaning executive that anti-CNN chants at rallies throughout the country are no accidents. And it absolutely set the internet on fire.

Hannity fired-back at CNN President Jeff Zucker for comments he made while addressing a media conference Thursday, labeling Fox News a “complete propaganda machine” for the Trump White House; adding “the idea that they are a news channel is not the case at all.”

Speaking at the Financial Times Future of News event before a room packed with media reporters, Zucker went on a tear against the network.

“It is really state-run TV, it is a pure propaganda machine, and does an incredible disservice to this country,” Zucker said.

Zucker reportedly said the network has undergone “shocking” change since the departure of its late chief Roger Ailes, before comparing Fox News to Russian propaganda.

The Fox News host slammed the CNN executive within minutes, unloading on the liberal network for its non-stop anti-Trump coverage, saying, “Jeff, there is a reason crowds chant ‘CNN Sucks.’

“We interrupt our 24-7 Stormy Daniels hate Trump coverage…….. CNN Fake News. Jeff, there is a reason crowds chant ‘CNN Sucks,’” tweeted Hannity.

What do you think about this? Do you agree with Sean Hannity?