Shepard Smith Mocks Trump’s ‘I Know Nothing About Wikileaks’ With Montage

Fox News anchor Shepard Smith countered Trump’s claim that he knew nothing about Wikileaks with a montage of his own.

On Thursday’s edition of Shepard Smith Reporting, Smith played a video of Trump, during an Oval Office photo op, when he was asked about the arrest of Julian Assange.

In the clip, Trump responded by saying “I know nothing about Wikileaks. It’s not my thing,” Trump told reporters in an Oval Office pool spray. “I know nothing really about [Assange]. It’s not my deal in life.”

“He may not know Wikileaks any more than the rest of us know Wikileaks, in that they released a bunch of stuff,” Smith said, adding “It would be hard to forget, but we have recordings, so here.”

Smith then played a montage of six different occasions on which Trump referenced and praised the organization by name, including saying “I love Wikileaks!”

“I mean, it is what it is,” Smith said following the montage. “It’s helpful until it isn’t.”

Here is the full video of his show:

Now, one has to wonder…. is Shepard Smith trying to increase his ratings by shaming President Trump? Because by doing this, it sure seems like it.

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