Stormy Daniels to fold laundry in her underwear on Instagram live during Trump’s address

Adult movie star Stormy Daniels has a special plan in her pocket to help people who don’t treasure the prospect of listening to President Trump give a speech from the Oval Office.

Daniels took to Twitter on Tuesday and announced she will livestream herself folding her laundry in her underwear while President Trump addresses the nation regarding the southern border.

“If you’re looking for anything even remotely worth watching tonight at 9pm EST, I will be folding laundry in my underwear for 8 minutes on Instagram live,” Daniels, whose real name is Stephanie Clifford, posted to Twitter. 

Trump announced Monday that he would deliver a prime-time address to discuss the government shutdown, which is in its third week, and the current problem with the national security. The major networks are set to air Trump’s address.

During Trump’s speech from the Oval Office, Stormy Daniels, who sued Trump for defamation, announced on Tuesday afternoon she will offer counter-programming.

Daniels, a frequent Trump critic, has alleged that Trump’s longtime fixer Michael Cohen paid her off to keep her previous extramarital affair with Trump quiet ahead of the 2016 elections. She is represented by Michael Avenatti, also a vocal critic of the president.

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