The Five Mocks John Dean Hearing: ‘No One Knows Who He Is’

The Five brutally mocked John Dean’s hearing today and also questioned his relevance there. As you probably know, John Dean was there in order to compare the actions of Trump and Nixon.

Dana Perino noted how cable news were reporting on the helicopter accident in New York instead of broadcasting much of the hearing. She added this was “probably good for Democrats” because “it’s probably better for you not to have this one being the one you lead off in June.

Jesse Watters said of John Dean, “He’s not a witness to anything!… No one knows who he is. He is a CNN contributor, which makes perfect sense that a CNN guy is a witness in their fake Russia collusion story. He witnessed something almost 50 years ago. So I don’t know what that adds.

Every time the media wants to talk about impeachment or compare something to Watergate, they send a town car over to John’s house, they bring him into the studio, he says this is worse than Watergate, the anchor nods, and they sent the town car back to his house. That’s all he’s used for,” he added.

Dagen McDowell called the hearing “pathetic” attempt to bring on someone who isn’t really relevant anymore.

If they want somebody to explain obstruction, why don’t they call President Bill Clinton?” she asked.

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