The View Goes Off On Senate Intel Finding No Collusion:

On Wednesday morning, The View hosts discussed the Senate Intelligence Committee reportedly finding no direct evidence of Trump colluding with Russia.

Joy Behar claimed that the report is something President Trump is “getting a glimmer of hope” from. She also noted the hesitance from Sen. Mark Warner to fully agree with the conclusion before asking, “So if the Senate finds nothing wrong in terms of collusion with Russia, does that mean he’s not guilty?

“Not to me,” Sunny Hostin responded. Hostin then brought up the guilty please, prison sentences, and criminal charges from the Robert Mueller probe, noting all the lies about contacts with Russia.

Behar then said that their answer would be even if those people were doing bad things, “Trump knew nothing about it.” She added that it sounds “disingenuous.”

Co-host Abby Huntsman joined the conversation, noting how the Senate Intel Committee’s investigation was more bipartisan than the House side, adding that anyone who expects Trump to be escorted from the White House in handcuffs will be disappointed by the end of this.

Behar then countered Huntsman saying “She just gave you a list of circumstantial evidence against him in addition to real testimony, so what do they need? ‘Hello, Vladimir, should we collude, baby?’ What are we waiting for?”

She added that right now everyone’s just waiting for a big smoking gun to emerge.

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